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kleandrop gegen die Hartnäckigen

kleandrop against the stubborn

I against the #HARTNÄCKIGEN spots of this world. Can I remove them?

The answer: YES

The rethinking of our society is only gradual. So I am expected as a kleandrop to be a miracle cure and to remove all stains without ifs and buts. But with what or who am I actually compared? With all the chemistry legs of this world? With all the harmful, even corrosive, cleaning agents that are available? It would be like comparing apples to pears.

If you want me for really stubborn spots, let me act so that I can unfold. I will do my best to remove your stains. I won't be able to do it here and there because I'm just sustainable. As honest as I am, I have to be as a kleandrop to you.

Especially lime that has been sticking to your shower wall for weeks - I don't like this one at all. Even my chemistry colleagues sometimes have some trouble with lime. But in regular applications I am your product - your kleandrop. I can do that, but I can't completely eliminate the lime for weeks.

But what I can do is ensure sustainability - be your companion in everyday life. After cooking or rinsing, remove your "sourness". But I can't do miracles - because I'm just me.

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