150 Tonnen! WTF?

You thought 150 tons were a lot? It is not 150 tonnes at all. It's 150,000 tons! And WTF stands for WHAT THE FUTURE by the way!

In Switzerland, around 150,000 tons of detergents and cleaning agents are discharged into wastewater every year. This corresponds to a consumption of 21kg per person per year. The problem with that?

The problematic ingredients: Various surfactants, dyes and fragrances, antibacterial additives, optical brighteners, preservatives, microplastics, plastic compounds and so on...

These ingredients are only partially degraded in our wastewater treatment plants and thus flow out into our water with the cleared water and thus finally get back into our drinking water.

Our mission: Being able to clean at home without harming anyone else. Using a cleaning agent to protect you and the environment? very easy with our kleandrops!

Our kleandrops are:

🌿 - biodegradable
🐇 - vegan
♻️ - without microplastics
🧪 - no chemical clubs
📦 - sustainably packaged
💪🏼 - strong in cleaning