Gemeinsam dem Plastik den Kampf ansagen!

The positive forward: Switzerland is already very exemplary when it comes to recycling. Approximately 54% of household waste is already collected correctly, dispose of and subsequently recycled. We return 80% of pet bottles to collection points in an exemplary manner. In this way, we ensure that the PET can be recycled. The Swiss waste infrastructure is thus networked, efficient and produces high-quality recycled material.

But unfortunately we are not so super clean everywhere:

  • Around 80 to 90 million tonnes of wasteare generated in Switzerland every year. With 716 kg of household waste per person per year, Switzerland is one of the largest waste producers in the world. About 20% of our waste is plastic waste. According to SwissRecycling, we consume 125 kg of plastic per capita per year.
  • According to its own data, the Swiss plastics industry produces more than 800,000 tons of plastic per year. Of these, 41% are used for the packaging industry. Unfortunately, plastic packaging has an extremely entertaining lifespan.
  • According to calculations by EMPA (Federal Institute of Materials and Research), 5,000 tons of plastic enter the environment every year. According to the Swiss Litter Report, 10,000 – 13,000 kg of plastic waste ends up on our lake and river banks every month, which in turn costs CHF 200 million per year.

And that's how we come into play. Through a sustainable household product – our kleandrops – we want to make Switzerland and the world a little cleaner and hopefully a little better. Getting a little closer to the sustainable lifestyle with cleaning agent tabs? Sounds quite simple. So let's work together to consume less plastic, throw away less, and invest more in the idea of reuse. This is how we move step by step towards more sustainability in everyday life. Water, tab and go! Cheesy Plastic, Hello Environment.