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klimaneutraler Versand

Die typischen Fehler eines Start Ups

The typical mistakes of a start-up

What did we not think of everything. Packaging, bottles, tabs and much more.

After a long wait we finally got our Kleandrops. But behold, we have ribbed and where has the kitchen cleaner become a little bigger than the other Kleandrops. Well, what do we do with it? Away? There is no question that we are striving for sustainability and not a throwaway society.

Shamefully, we have inserted in our shipping confirmation that the kitchen tabs have to be broken, otherwise they do not fit in the bottle.

But where a mistake - there is also a way to improve. Said done. The new kitchens Kleandrops are already in production, have the correct size and a new taste - which one could it be? Let's not tell you here yet.

We are extremely pleased that we have already received so many orders as a start-up. The shipping carton in the 1st batch is not necessarily optimal, but fulfils its purpose. From Thursday 17 December we will have a new packaging. Zero Waste is the motto here. Even the air cushion cushions can be easily composted.

Day after day, we are getting better and with it our environment.

Die beste Pille und Pulver us Winti.


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