Die typischen Fehler eines Start Ups

The typical mistakes of a start-up

How our Start Up learns from mistakes and improves them immediately.
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What did we not think of everything. Packaging, bottles, tabs and much more.

After a long wait we finally got our Kleandrops. But behold, we have ribbed and where has the kitchen cleaner become a little bigger than the other Kleandrops. Well, what do we do with it? Away? There is no question that we are striving for sustainability and not a throwaway society.

Shamefully, we have inserted in our shipping confirmation that the kitchen tabs have to be broken, otherwise they do not fit in the bottle.

But where a mistake - there is also a way to improve. Said done. The new kitchens Kleandrops are already in production, have the correct size and a new taste - which one could it be? Let's not tell you here yet.

We are extremely pleased that we have already received so many orders as a start-up. The shipping carton in the 1st batch is not necessarily optimal, but fulfils its purpose. From Thursday 17 December we will have a new packaging. Zero Waste is the motto here. Even the air cushion cushions can be easily composted.

Day after day, we are getting better and with it our environment.