die lieben Fehler - zweite Runde

Sun... now it's almost 4 weeks since we went on the market with kleandrop. Yes, it's only 4 weeks!

What a roller coaster. Countless mails later - both positive and negative (for more reality) - we received an incredible amount of feedback. Most of them were very constructive and take us a lot further as a start-up.

Starting with the kleandrops. The kitchen cleaner was initially 1g too heavy or in our case too big. We have already written about this here. Furthermore, we had marked our kleandrops only with colored stamps, as we assumed that would suffice - no, that was not the case. But we also learn constantly, want to improve and so we have immediately translated this feedback into reality. Since 28 December 2020, all kleandrops have been labelled. So it is also clear which kleandrop is intended for which application.

The bottle - main topic number 2. Much could be clarified by e-mail, often the spray was applied too early. However, the kleandrop must first dissolve completely and only then can the spray head be put on. If this is not done in this way, an overpressure is created in the bottle and where an overpressure escapes there, in our case - the cleaning agent then unfortunately leaks out of the spray head. It was also criticised that only a small beam was possible. Jein - the spray head has 2 modes - beam and spray. He also has "Off", i.e. 3 Modis. After each use, the spray head should therefore be set to "Off". But here, too, we have thought and are already working on an improved trigger spray head to make the kleandrop cleaning experience even easier and more successful for you.

Was that with the bottle? No! We will replace the existing bottles with glass bottles - made in Switzerland. Due to the holidays, however, we were slowed down a little (yes, we were also diligent for you on the holidays). However, we hope that we will be able to introduce the glass bottles as soon as possible, thus taking our path even further away from plastic.

As you can see, it was a steady roller coaster for us... At the same time, however, a very exciting and instructive journey. We always take feedback seriously, because only in this way can we improve, gain insights into the needs of our customers and continue to do our utmost to ensure that we continue to have satisfied kleandrop customers.

Oh yes, the kitchen kleandrop is now also adapted ;-)

Happy kleaning - your kleandrop team